22-23 October 2018
VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, IT4Innovations building
Europe/Prague timezone

Energy-efficient heterogeneous supercomputing architectures need to be coupled with a radically new software stack capable of exploiting the benefits offered by the heterogeneity at all the different levels (supercomputer, job, node) to meet the scalability and energy efficiency required by Exascale supercomputers. In this school we will start by the background and introduction to relevant topics and then will focus on the ANTAREX approach to solve some of these challenging problems by proposing a disruptive holistic approach spanning all the decision layers composing the supercomputer software stack and exploiting effectively the full system capabilities (including heterogeneity and energy management).

School participants will understand the main challenges and how the ANTAREX project provides a breakthrough approach to express application self-adaptivity at design-time and to runtime manage and autotune applications for green and heterogenous High Performance Computing (HPC) systems.

The School is specially focused on hands-on-approaches based on representative benchmarks and on the tools provided by the ANTAREX project.

Furthermore, and also very relevant, the topics addressed are specially suited for the next generation of software engineers, software developers and performance engineers (for both HPC and Cloud Computing, but also for high-performance embedded computing). The optimization of applications for heterogeneous distributed computing environments is a relevant topic in general, and we believe that organising the event in cooperation with the ANTAREX project will be a beneficial addition to the PRACE training programme.

Organizing: IT4Innovations national supercomputing center and ANTAREX project, with support of  PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)


IT4InnovationsAntarex Project


VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, IT4Innovations building
IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Studentská 6231/1B, 708 33 Ostrava–Poruba, Czech Republic
  • Cristina Silvano
  • Jan Martinovič
  • João MP Cardoso
  • Kateřina Slaninová



Own notebook, basic knowledge of Linux and C/C++


30 participants


The event is provided free of charge. Registration is necessery.

Accommodation and transport recommendations

See the Materials section above and/or this link.


For early student registrants we offer covering the accommodation costs at the university hotel GARNI (in walking distance to the venue, see the link above).


Evaluation form of the event can be found here.


Some photos from the event are available here.